Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears - Fall 2017 Update

Welcome Everyone!

The new school year has begun and we are excited to get into our Fall curriculum! It has been wonderful getting to know your children as they start to open up and share in circle time and class time. To decorate our "Back to School" bulletin board, the Teddy Bears all made a backpack craft that said what they liked about school. 

In September we learned about the letters A and B. For letter A we had a week where we learned "All about Me" and the second week we learned about astronauts. The children had fun creating a self portrait, creating a face out of a rice cracker for cooking, making a painted astronaut craft, making astronaut food(watermelon juice in a bag), and walking on moon shoes!

For the letter B we learned about birthdays, babies, and bears. The children baked a birthday cake, played pretend birthday parties, put together a baby craft, made a cinnamon bear bread, and had a blast having a bear week where they got to bring in a stuffed bear from home and play with it all week at school.

Going into October, we learned the letters C and D. For the letter C we learned about caterpillars and creation. During our science lesson, we talked about the cycle of a caterpillar and how it goes from an egg to a caterpillar to a cacoon to a butterfly. We also talked about different caterpillars that turn into different beautiful butterflies. They were amazed! As we talked about creation, we learned the Bible verse, " In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1. The class made a creation book, helped to form Adam and Eve out of play dough, created an ocean in the blocks center, and made a creation wheel in cooking class. Each food represented each day that God created.

For the letter D we learned about our daddys and different types of doctors. The children were able to bring a picture and form to share about who thier daddy was and all his favorite things! When we learned about different doctors, we talked about various types and what thier specialty was in care. We were also able to use our imaginations in dramatic play to help our stuffed animal patients that were sick. We also had Adelines mommy come into the school to share about her job as a dental hygenist. 

Alongside all these activities, the Hippo and Teddy Bear classes were able to attend a fieldtrip with the parents and teachers to the pumpkin patch where we went on a hayride, chose a pumpkin to keep, and play in a hay tunnel. That week the children decorated thier pumpkins to bring home. 

There are lots more fun activities to come as Thanksgiving and Christmas come around the corner! Thank you for stoppjng by the Teddy Bears Blog! Please stop by again next month to see all the fun and exciting things happening at the Ark of Hope!