Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears - June 2017 Update

"God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us."       - Romans 5:8

During the month of April, the school focused on the coming of Good Friday and Easter. We learned about the story of Jesus born into the world to ultimately go onto the cross to take away our sins. Through our belief in him, we may have eternal life one day with God. We learned this through a set of "resurrection eggs." Each day the children helped open an egg and the teacher would tell the story of the item. The children learned about Gods love and grace through this.

To celebrate Easter, the Teddy Bears decorated and dyed Easter eggs. They also made a painted basket to hold them in as well as a card for their parents. The school held an Easter carnival where the parents were invited to join the children in listening to the Easter story told by Miss Ruth and participate in games and win some prizes. They had so much fun!

Alongside Easter festivities, the Teddy Bears learned about the letters Q-S and numbers 18-21. Some of the highlights from the month were a quilt craft, rainbow rice cereal treats, a rainbow craft, a patterned snake, painted snake craft, strawberry smoothie, school bus graham cracker and shoes with lace craft.

On May 4th, the Teddy Bears and Hippos went on a field trip to the San Francisco Zoo. The children enjoyed looking at all the animals we had been talking about in class throughout the year with their friends teacher and parents.

For Mother's Day, the Teddy Bears made a card and beautiful colored vase with tissue paper flowers for their moms. Thank you moms for all the love and care that you give us! We love and appreciate you!

May was also a time anticipating graduation. The children had been practicing their songs and dances getting ready for the Graduation and Promotion Program held on May 25th. The children got to perform for their parents and friends on stage. All the teachers were so proud of their efforts! Great job everyone!

We focused a lot on graduation but were also able to learn about the letters T and U as well as the numbers 21-25. One of the highlights was making a turtle waffle. The Teddy Bears also skillfully used their art and scissor talents to create beautiful bulletins boards for April and May!

Thank you for stopping by the Teddy Bears blog! Please stop again next month to see all the fun and exciting things happening at the Ark of Hope Preschool!