Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears - Summer 2017 Update

Hello and welcome to the Teddy Bears blog! Here are some fun activities that we have been doing this summer!

We finished learning our alphabet! We learned letters V-Z!

This summer we studies 6 different cultures by learning about the language, clothing, landmarks and food. We learned about the USA, Japan, China,  France, Korea, and Mexico.

On the last week of this special curriculum the school had a big party to celebrate all the different cultures. Each class sang or danced to a song native to one of the countries we learned about. We also had a piƱata and a special lunch that each class contributed to. The children had so much fun!

We look forward to the rest of summer and the new school year coming soon in September! Thank you for stopping by our blog! Please come back next month to see all the fun and exciting things happening at the Ark of Hope Preschool!