Puppies - Spring 2018
Hi Everyone! Spring is here and this season has brought us so much fun and so much growing. We celebrated Easter and learned about the Resurrection of Jesus! In celebration, we dyed eggs and played games at our annual Easter carnival. We also have been soaking up the occasional sun outside. The Puppies are learning so much as we continue with our alphabet themes.

Here's a peek into our class and what we have been up to. For letter N we learned how to make Necklaces out of straws and yarn, we decorated Noodle Neckties, ate delicious Nachos, and had a blast with our Noodle sensory play.  

For letter O, we learned all about the Ocean. We focused on Ocean animals starting with the letter O like Octopus, Oyster, and Otter. We finger painted 
our very own Ocean, ate a delicious blue (cream cheese) Ocean, and enjoyed a day in our underwater Ocean sensory bin. 

For letter P, we had a Pajama Party! We came to school dressed in our cozy Pajamas. We made tunnels and forts to add to our Pajama Party fun. 
We learned about the different shapes we can put on our Pizzas, and learned all about how pizzas are made. 
For letter Q, we learned all about the Queen. We built the Queen a palace out of blocks, we crafted our own Queen puppet, and we even got to dress up as Queens and kings. 

For letter R, we've been exploring the Rainbow. We learned about how Rainbows come out with the sun after the Rain. We learned about all the 
colors in a Rainbow, and we made the most delicious Rainbow from fruit loops and marshmallows. 
We are looking forward to Mother's Day and Preschool Graduation/Promotion. And Summer is just around the corner. Don't forget to stop by our  classroom in the meanwhile to keep updated with what we're learning and doing everyday!