Puppies - Summer 2017 Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Puppies blog!

June and July are the months we welcome our new friends! In the Puppies class, we have Sarah, Bella, Tegan and Keon! Welcome to the Puppies class!

In June we learned about Letters V, W, X, Y and Z. For Letter V our themes were van and vegetable. We talked about our favorite vegetables. For cooking, we made vegetable soup with our favorite vegetable, the puppies enjoyed cutting their favorite vegetable and we love our vegetable soup!  For Letter W, we learned about watermelon and we tasted some watermelons, everybody loved ! For Letter X, we learned about X-ray and we made a hand x-ray craft. The puppies really enjoyed it! For Letter Y, we made yard painting. For Letter Z, we learned about zoo and zebra!

July is our summer month. Our themes is “Children around the World”. We learn about different countries and cultures every week. The first week of July, we learned about The United States. The second week of July we learned about Japan. The third week of July we learned about China. The last week of July we learned about France. We had so much fun from learning different songs and languages very week!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog, see you next time!