Giraffes - April 2017 Update
We have gone from E to letter Q!  The children learn letters, sounds, and pictures. We want to make sure they become curious and excited for the longing to read. We just completed Parent Teacher Conferences. This is where we talk about the way each child has developed and how we can improve even more.  My GIRAFFE CLASS truly is a team of excellence, although we need to be a parent and teacher team in order to ensure that the children are developing in cognitive and social abilities.
They love when their work is displayed for all to see they're accomplishments. You can see in the picture below some of The Wall Of The Art Of Fame.
They are so proud every time they see their work on display.  I believe if they could they would cover the whole school with art work.  When they see their work on display, you can almost feel their pride.  The truth is I love it.  We have been going through the alphabet and we are now up to letter Q queen, quail, quill, quilt, quarter, and we can go on and on.  As I mentioned already in the beginning of my blog everyday we go through the alphabet and learn Letter, Picture, Sound.  This is to get children prepared to go into the upper level of Preschool and learn to read, and write their name.  The GIRAFFE CLASS is the younger of the children here at ARK OF HOPE.   Though some have no experience at cutting and coloring, they have learned quite well.  We also had a great Valentine's Day celebration with cards and gifts.  We even honored St. Patrick's Day with "dress in green" day.  It's almost time to graduate those that are going to Kindergarten, and Transitional Kindergarten.  It gets quite busy here in the next few months, but thank God He is with us in all we do.  Their is so much to be said, but I must leave some more good stuff for later. 
See you at my next blog.  Have a great Easter Celebration, and remember this HE IS RISEN.