Giraffes - Summer 2017

In the month of June we that the children regarding the importance of Dad in our lives.  We made gifts and cards that expressed our love and appreciation for Dad.    

“Dads are special people
No home should be without,
For every family will agree
They’re nice to have about…
In any kind of trouble
Dad lends a helping hand
 And always can be counted on  
To care and understand
So Father’s Day is just the time
For compliments and praise
And sharing thoughts of thankfulness
                   Unsaid on other days.”                                     
- Helen Steiner Rice

Dads have been given a bad rap for the absentee dads, but I thank God for the Dads in our preschool here at Ark of Hope that they are asked to help and they want to see their children happy. They are there to assist us in any way.  

We are also reviewing letters for A-Z once again and most of our children are responding well to this.  We play, we sing, sound our letters, sound picture.  For example A says aah, aah, aah, as in alligator.  This is how we teach and will continue.  Numbers are jumped and counted from 1-20.  Breathe in through the nose (nariz) and out through the mouth (boca).  We have many methods of teaching, but since I also teach them Spanish I throw words in during my Circle time in the morning.  

Now in the month of July we are taking a world tour around some parts of the world.  Now we know we can’t all get on a plane a go to other parts of the world, so we pretend.  Children are the best partners to pretend with.  We have made passports available to them with stickers that we have them cut and glue, stating the country they have entered.  We give them the flag and maps for them to color and cut, as a reminder of where we traveled.  We have traveled the U.S.A and learned of the freedoms and the price of that freedom.  We went to France learned of attractions such as the Eiffel Tower.  China and Korea and all its colors and one more trip and our travels are over.  

We have in the meantime prepared to receive our new children coming in for the next year and thank God they are adjusting well.  We have so much God gives us His Freedom for example to get our entrance to His glory with Him.  A lot of times we don’t understand that we don’t have religion we have a relationship with God and A-accepting Him as LORD and Savior, B-believing that He came to give His life on a cruel Cross for us because He loves us, and C-confessing our sins to Him so He could forgive us is the only way we can prepare our journey to Heaven.  We can’t leave for tomorrow what we can and should do today.  Tomorrow is not promised to us.  Take a chance choose JESUS.  Life is a bed of roses with thorns and all, but Jesus heals our wounds.  See you next time.  Adios!