Hippos - Winter 2017

What a whirlwind of events we had in November and December!  We celebrated Thanksgiving in November with a Thanksgiving lunch with our wonderful parents.  Each class contributed something for our lunch: The Hippos made corn bread, the Teddy Bears made candied yams, the puppies cut fruit for fruit salad and the Giraffes made pumpkin bread.  Miss Sarah made the delicious ham and Miss Mary ordered 3 turkeys!  The parents contributed appetizers and desserts!  The Hippos decorated their own placemat for their seat, their pilgrim hats and collars and a card for their parents to celebrate the occasion.   It was a great time for parents, children and teachers to enjoy food and conversation time together!  Thank you, parents, for your contribution and participation!

Here are some things that our class was thankful for:
 I am thankful….
Adeline: For ice skating with mommy, daddy and my brother.
Arya: That I can help clean up at home and then go ice skating.
Derrick: For my Thomas Bike and going fast
Jayden: For going on vacation to Switzerland and my grandma coming back from Switzerland.
Jeffrey: For riding my red bike
Kaelyn: That my baby cousin can walk a little bit
Kaylanie: For Thanksgiving lunch with my dad
Matilda: For Thanksgiving dinner
Melanie: That my mom hugs me
Nathan: For riding my bike fast
Tiffany: For my family
Zachary: for every night time I get to kiss my mom
Christmas crept up fast on us!  We had been practicing our songs and dances starting mid-October.  We had been going upstairs to the sanctuary to practice on the stage and suddenly we found that the Christmas program date was upon us!  The kids did such a spectacular job!  We dressed up in our cultural outfits because our theme was “Christmas around the world”.  The kids did an amazing job learning songs in different languages.    We only had 2 kids who had a hard time adjusting to seeing their parents in the audience but the kids had a chance to share about Jesus’ birth with their parents!
We celebrated with a Christmas party the very next day, singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts among each other.  We wore our costumes again to take photos with our class!