Hippos - Summer 2017 Update

Welcome to the Hippos Blog!  It's been a wonderful summer of transition and changes.  We said goodbye to the class of 2017 and welcomed students moving up from the younger classes as well as new students!  During this summer we took the opportunity to travel the world and learn about different countries and their cultures!  Here are some of the countries we traveled to!

At the end of our trip, we had a closing ceremony where we had an international food fair and cultural presentation!  Our class represented South Korea!  We made Japchae (Sweet potato noodle with vegetables) and sang a song about three bears in Korean!  We enjoyed our friends' presentations as well and hitting the pinata to find crackers and candy inside!  

We all had a wonderful summer and check back with us in a couple months to see the cool things we experience and learn at Ark of Hope Preschool!