Hippos - April 2017 Update

February 2017
Happy Lunar New Year!  We had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year on Feb 3rd!  All the children came in their Chinese outfit!  It was so adorable!  In the morning each class helped to cook a dish to contribute to our special lunch of the day!  The Hippos class made Coconut New Year cake!  It was warm and gooey and so so delicious!  They kept saying that they want their parents to know how to make it at home so here's the recipe for you!

We took an early nap and got up quickly so we can get ready for our parents to come join us for refreshments and a special performance!  We had learned these songs in the quick month of January and it amazes me how fast they were able to pick up new songs and a new dance!  It was so wonderful for the parents to participate by bringing goodies to share and volunteer doing the lion dance with their child!

Shortly after Chinese New Year came Valentine's Day!  We decorated a bag to stash our goodies in and had a Valentine's Day party with our Valentine's Day crown!

We learned about the letters L and M in February!  A highlight for the letter L was learning about LOVE and how we can work loving our friends just like Jesus loves us.  Sometimes our friends bother us or do things in a different way than us but we should treat them with love and use kind words rather than arguing or tattling.  For the letter M we learned about Maps, Magnifying glasses and Magnets!

March 2017
In the month of March we learned about the letter N for noodles, O for ostriches, P for Plants!  We had noodle taste test with different ingredients and formed into different textures.  At the end we voted for the one we liked the most!  Most of them enjoyed vermicelli!  The letter O we made ostriches out of an egg, pretzel stick and an olive.  It was the first time eating olives for many of them and it was funny watching them make a cringe face as they took a bite and that cringe turned into a smile, exclaiming "I think I love olives!!"  For the letter P, we had learned all about parts of a plant: roots, stem, leaves, flowers and seeds!  We planted our Lima bean early in the week and took it home to continue our research!  We are examples of different parts of a plant: roots (carrots), stem (celery), leaves (lettuce), flowers (broccoli) and seeds (pumpkin seeds)!  Eating our veggies while learning couldn't have been more fun!  To end it the letter P we had a pajama party!  The kids came in their pajamas, we ate pretzels and had a fun time relaxing and playing with each other!

We hope you enjoyed reading about what the Hippo class had done during the months of February and March!  Hope you stay tuned for our upcoming bimonthly episode coming in June!