Hippos - Fall 2017 Update

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  We've had a wonderful summer welcoming new students into our school and learning about so many different things.  

In September, we learned about the letter A.  We learned "All about ourselves" and all the the things we like and don't like.  We also learned about Astronauts.

We also learned about the letter B.  We learned about babies and birthdays.  We know our birthdays now and saw each other's baby pictures!  We were so cute!  We also learned about bears!  We brought our Teddy Bears to school to sleepover for a week and enjoyed having a buddy with us at school.  We played with them in the gym, had a picnic and enjoyed nap time with them!

In October we learned about the letter C.  We learned about Caterpillars and how they morphed into beautiful butterflies.  We also learned about Creation and how God made the earth.  We learned a new verse for the seven days that God created the verse and they were so excited to learn each verse.  

We wrapped up October learning about the letter D.  We learned about our Dads and got to introduce them to our friends during Circle time.  We also learned about Doctors and about the different types of doctors!  We were doctors to our stuffed animals.  Some of their name tags are still hanging on their cubby holes!

A special highlight of October was our field trip to the Pumpkin patch!  We're so happy that our parents came with us to the field trip! Here are our favorite memories from the pumpkin patch!

Adeline: My favorite thing about the pumpkin patch is the hay ride, the tunnel and my partner Zachary

Arya:  My favorite thing was when Kaylanie and me jumped into the grass in the pumpkin patch.  I found a pumpkin

Derrick:  My favorite thing was the tunnel and the tractor ride

Jayden: My favorite thing about the pumpkin patch was the tunnel.  Kaelyn was my partner.

Jeffrey: My favorite thing about the pumpkin patch is the tunnel and the tractor  Nathan was my partner.

Kaelyn: My favorite thing was the hay maze

Kaylanie: My favorite thing about the pumpkin patch was I like to go to the tunnel.

Matilda: My favorite thing about the pumpkin patch was holding mommy's hand and playing with pumpkins

Melanie:  My favorite thing was picking pumpkins.  Matilda is my partner.  My daddy is Gene and he came too.

Nathan: My favorite part of the pumpkin patch was me, Jeffrey and Ben going into the tunnel and holding the snake.

Tiffany: My favorite thing in the pumpkin patch is climbing in the tunnel..

Zachary: My favorite thing was going into the tunnel and the second thing was the tractor.

We had a lot of fun during the first two months of this new school year!  We look forward the many adventures we will have this year!  Check back to see what fun things we have coming!